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Kristin Fellows D.C.

Dr. Fellows earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2002 from Northwestern College of Chiropractic and founded Cornerstone Family Chiropractic shortly after. She is an adjunct professor for Northwestern Health Sciences University and Palmer College of Chiropractic, training chiropractic students through an on-site internship program to further their education.

Dr. Fellows currently serves as a board member with Diplomate status for the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, as well as a board member and Secretary of the C.S. Gonstead Chiropractic Foundation. She trains regularly with the Gonstead Methodology Institute, where she has taught as an instructor of the Gonstead chiropractic technique. Dr. Fellows is a member of the Christian Chiropractors Association, International Chiropractic Association, and the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society.

Dr. Fellows trained under Dr. John Thatcher, who was a student of Dr. Gonstead, where she learned to care for those who have advanced spinal issues. She welcomes those who have complex clinical presentations, patients who have special needs, anxiety, infants and children, and those who are in their “golden years” seeking chiropractic care with a patient, understanding, and thorough approach. She believes in the importance of furthering her clinical education every year, in delivering chiropractic care that is individualized to each patient’s unique needs, and in digging for solutions to further the health goals of those under her care.

She has experienced the difference that high quality, compassionate chiropractic care can make firsthand through the ups and downs of life, fueling her passion to deliver that same care to those who are struggling themselves. Dr. Fellows believes that chiropractic care should be begin only after a thorough analysis of your unique spine and nervous system through a careful discussion of your health history, a thorough examination, and advanced imaging when necessary. She uses precision and care in the delivery of spinal and extremity adjustments and enjoys discussing unique lifestyle situations with her patients to come up with individualized solutions to help them hold their adjustments longer and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Dr. Fellows has been happily married for eighteen years and enjoys spending quality time with her husband and three children, taking part in church activities, hiking scenic trails, sitting around a campfire, and finding peace up north along the shores of Lake Superior. She has a deep faith, believes the body was intelligently designed, and that there is hope for healing in every situation.


John Hemingson D.C.

Dr. John struggled with ongoing injuries as a high school athlete. He was a successful baseball player and even had 2 personal tryouts for the Minnesota Twins as a catcher. During his success, he suffered several injuries that required surgery, and physical therapy and caused a lot of secondary challenges.

While in college, Dr. John’s injuries never resolved, and it led him to quit baseball. Several years after quitting baseball he began getting adjusted. After several months of care a lot of the residual effects of his surgery and injuries resolved. He credits this to properly aligning the spine and nervous system and the great ability of his body to heal and recover. If only Dr. John had been able to receive such life changing transformation prior to his injuries. It was through this life changing experience that launched him to study chiropractic.


Dr. John earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He continues to expand his knowledge through seminars, monthly training and studying The Gonstead System, which is the most extensive chiropractic system within the chiropractic field. Dr. John’s experience within the Gonstead System sets him apart to be able to detect and correct the source of people’s health challenges. He understands that patients need individualized care and not a broad approach where people receive the same adjustment without any real analysis. His advanced training in the nervous system, x-ray analysis, palpation, gait analysis allows Dr. John to provide the highest level possible of chiropractic care.


Dr. John’s personal philosophy is to “preach what he practices.” The recommendations he provides are all congruent to what he has either done himself or what he would personally be willing to do.

Dr. John’s passion is centered around EMPOWERING people to take RESPONSIBILITY for their own health.

"I want to move people from being Reactive to Proactive in regard to their health."


Outside of work, Dr. John enjoys spending time with his wife and their four children. He loves growing fruits and vegetables in his garden. For Dr. John, growing his own food has been a joyful experience, with lots of life lessons and shoulder-to-shoulder time with his family. Rock climbing, mountain climbing, taking walks, relaxing, singing and playing guitar are just a few more things he loves to do.

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Natasha Walters D.C.

Dr. Natasha believes that the body is an incredible machine created by God and it has the ability to heal itself. “Our bodies are meant to move, be tested and pushed to the limits.” She learned this through athletics.

She was led to chiropractic through a conversation with her father’s chiropractor. This experience led her to research how chiropractic could influence the body. As a result, she decided to pursue chiropractic as the alternative approach to improve one’s quality of life.

While a chiropractic student, she was exposed to various chiropractic techniques. Dr. Natasha was specifically drawn to the technique of the Gonstead method. “This method gives us a specific way to approach each person’s health. Every person is different and experiences pain in various ways. That’s why this analytical process is so important. It allows us to determine the root cause of one’s dysfunction.” She discovered that this method was the most logical approach to helping her patients.

Although she wasn’t drawn to chiropractic through a traumatic event, Dr. Natasha has seen it transform lives. She has seen how chiropractic can help with digestive issues, headaches, dizziness, scoliosis and much more. As a student and former athlete, she discovered that her headaches were not being resolved under traditional medicine. Even some chiropractic approaches were not beneficial.

After being under Gonstead specific chiropractic care, her daily headaches reduced to a few times a week, and eventually went away completely. "It is amazing to me how a poor functioning nervous system can affect a person on a daily basis." Due to her experience with concussions and headaches, she has a desire to help those who have suffered with similar issues. Ultimately, Dr. Natasha's desire is to help her patients get back on their feet and complete the goals they started but have never finished.

Dr. Natasha received her Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Bob Jones University and Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic. She has spent hundreds of hours studying the Gonstead method and is currently pursuing her Diplomate in the Gonstead Methodology to be able to provide the best care her patients deserve.

Dr. Natasha is a member of:

  • Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
  • The International Chiropractic Association
  • The Christian Chiropractors Association

When she is not taking care of her patients, Dr. Natasha enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family, attending and engaging in sporting events, traveling and exploring the cultures of the world.


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