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Health Advice Videos

Baby Ergonomics: Part 1

Dr. Kristin shares valuable information on how to improve the ergonomics of your baby’s carseat.

Baby Ergonomics: Part 2

Dr. Kristin shares about a common mistake moms make when breast feeding and how to correct it.


Baby Ergonomics Part 3

Dr. Kristin tells us what baby sling and carrier she uses and explains how to find the right one.

Chiropractor Approved Sleds!

Dr. Kristin shows what type of sleds she recommends for fun winter days.


How to Protect Your Spine (Back/Neck) When You Travel

Dr. Kristin shows you how to Protect Your Spine (Back/Neck) When You Travel.

Pregnancy Tips – The Power of Epsom Salt Baths

Dr. Megan, talks about the power of Epsom Salt Baths and how they can help with aches.


Pregnancy Tips – Best Chair to Sit On

Dr. Megan, Eagan – MN chiropractor, talks about the chair she used during her pregnancy. An exercise ball is wonderful to avoid back pain and keeps your joints moving.

Food During Pregnancy!

Dr. Megan, talks about what she did to help overcome food aversion during pregnancy and what she loves to put in her smoothies.


Pregnancy Tips – 3 Must Read Books During Pregnancy

Dr. Megan, Eagan – MN chiropractor, talks about her top three books that she read during pregnancy.

How to Sleep Great During Pregnancy!

Dr. Megan, Eagan – MN chiropractor, gives tips for sleeping during pregnancy. Things that are important!


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