Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

Like many others, I to was skeptical of chiropractic procedures. However, after suffering for more than 25 years with neck and upper back pain it came to a point that my husband said, “You needed to do something about it.” Is it obvious he doesn´t like giving massages daily! I found Dr. Kristin and her Gonstead method when we were out buying a sleep number bed.

She was giving short massages and information about her business at the mall. My husband said, “stop and get a massage, so I don´t have to do it later.” I met my angel of mercy that day. I made an appointment on the spot, had my evaluation, and started adjustments within 8 days.

I have been advertising Dr. Kristin and the Gonstead method ever since that day at the mall. Every person I know or come into contact with who might benefit from them, I start telling all about Dr. Kristin’s potential to help them, and all the help and wellbeing I have received. I have been relieved of pain, serious constipation, lack of energy, and feel I have my life back. Even my moods have improved.

Beyond all of the above, Dr. Kristin is, in her field, the most informed I have ever come across. Her explanations are clear, helpful, and right on target. I have gained so much additional health information from Dr. Kristin that has improved my health and lifestyle they are too numerous to name. By the way, did I tell you what a fabulous bedside manner she has and a superior sense of family. Oh Ya, my husband is having treatments now!!
Testimonial Sandra
I was having low back spasms every 2 months and my quality of life was not good. Since receiving care at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic there have been no back spasms and my quality of life has improved considerably. Dr. Kristin’s approach using the Gonstead method of chiropractic is the best for me.
Testimonial Kathy
I suffered from severe anxiety attacks, neck pain, headaches, vision problems, and tingling on the right of my body. After months of doctor’s visits, nothing helped and I felt so hopeless! Then I read about Dr. Kristin and the Gonstead treatment on the internet and decided it was worth a try.

I had always been very skeptical about chiropractors, but as soon as I met and was evaluated by Dr. Kristin I knew that I was in the right place.

Within weeks my anxiety attacks were gone! After a few months, I was feeling better than I had in almost a year! I’m so thankful that I found Dr. Kristin! She truly cares about you and is wonderful at what she does! Thank you for helping me. I feel so blessed to be your patient!
Testimonnial Stephanie
Dr. Kristin Fellows took care me for over 5 years and now my husband also seeing her on weekly bases. She is wonderful Dr.
She is very knowledgeable, patient, listens and most important she care about you and your wellbeing. I will recommend Dr. Kristine to all my friends and family. She keep me from back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain …. and make sure my spine is in place. She is great and loving Dr. Thank you and God bless you.
I am so very happy that I discovered Cornerstone! I originally came for what I assume was TMJ. Dr. Natasha adjusted it. It is not painful or debilitating anymore. With that success and the encouragement of Dr Natasha, I now go once a week. Various things caused pain and discomfort before I made this decision but not anymore! I highly recommend Cornerstone Family Chiropractic and Dr Natasha!!
I came to Cornerstone Chiropractic with 15 plus years of built up back and leg pain. From the initial consultation to the plan of care unique to my situation Dr Natasha Walters has been instrumental in my path towards a more pain free way of life. If you are looking for chiropractor, this should be your first stop. They also offer many other services. Check them out.
I had a case of hiccups lasting over 4 days! It was a Thursday evening when the hiccups started. I was traveling and it was going to be a few days before I could get home. My wife looked on the internet to see if a chiropractor could help relieve the hiccups. She found out that there had been cases of hiccups being helped through chiropractic.

Chiropractic Eagan MN Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Testimonial Dennis
I decided to wait to see Dr. Kristin until after I got home even though I was very uncomfortable. I had a bout of hiccups several years prior that was not relieved when I visited an emergency room.

When I saw Dr. Kristin on Monday my hiccups stopped after her adjustment to my neck. At the end of the appointment, she told me to call back if they started again. The hiccups did come back and my wife was about to call when the phone rang and it was Dr. Kristin asking how I was doing. I told her that the hiccups had come back. At this point, she gave me a choice to return to her office that night or wait until the next morning. So about 9:30 pm I went back into the office for a second treatment and then she prayed over me. That was the last treatment needed to stop the hiccups.
Testimonial Dennis
I was having a HARD time breathing due to vocal cord dysfunction. It was so bad that walking up a flight of stairs would leave me unable to continue moving. It was constant and horrible. Since I’ve started at Cornerstone I’ve been able to run again! I can play my sports and breathe with much less effort.

It has been the only thing that has helped. I’ve also been healthier overall. My allergies have gotten much better and I haven’t gotten sick.

Wonderful people here at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic! So kind and welcoming! It has made me want to study chiropractic – seeing what they do here is amazing!
Testimonial Dana
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