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Unwind with Premier Massage Therapy in Eagan, MN

If you're always on the move, you understand that a busy lifestyle is just part of the equation. However, carving out time for massage therapy in Eagan is not just a luxury—it's an essential tool that helps you maintain peak performance. Beyond just relaxing your mind and easing your muscles, massage therapy keeps your body primed to help you excel in every aspect of your life.

Tailored Massage Therapy Services in Eagan, MN

Our services are designed to meet a variety of needs:

- 1 Hour Massage Session: $99
- 1 Hour Manual Lymphatic Drainage / Myofascial Release Session: $119

Massage therapy not only clears your conscience but also revitalizes your body. It enhances blood circulation to strained muscles, providing them with a burst of oxygen and helping your brain release endorphins, nature's painkiller. This biochemical cocktail rejuvenates your body and allows you to handle daily tasks with renewed vigor.

Comprehensive Massage Options at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic

At Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, your massage is uniquely tailored to your needs, incorporating techniques such as:

- Swedish Therapy
- Trigger Point Therapy
- Deep Tissue Therapy
- Myofascial Release

Our therapeutic approaches delve deep to break up scar tissue and relieve tension. With fluid, deep motions, our therapists adeptly target problem areas, often without needing explicit directions from you.

The Healing Power of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is more than a tool for relaxation—it's a potent therapeutic practice that enhances both physical and mental health. Its benefits include flushing toxins from soft tissues, boosting blood flow, and strengthening the body's fibrous structures and joints. It also aids in treating muscle spasms and trauma by accelerating recovery through improved circulatory dynamics.

Moreover, massage therapy can assist in alleviating symptoms from back pain, post-surgical recovery, headaches, insomnia, and more, showcasing its wide-ranging capabilities.

Integrative Wellness with Chiropractic Care

Combining massage therapy with chiropractic care can amplify the benefits of both treatments. The synergy between massage and chiropractic adjustments extends the longevity of each therapy’s effects, enhances body flexibility, and ensures you gain the maximum benefits of these treatments.

Chiropractic adjustments facilitate easier and more effective massage sessions, while massage therapy helps prolong the adjustments' benefits. This integrative approach promotes a holistic path to wellness, proving that you don’t have to choose one over the other—they work best together.

For the finest massage therapy experience in Eagan, reach out to the team at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic. We are eager to help you understand and reap the myriad benefits of massage therapy.

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The staff is very friendly and accommodates your schedule. Your well-being is their top priority.

When I was suffering from neck/shoulder pain and time would not heal it, I knew I needed to get to Dr. Natasha and see what she could do for me. Fortunately it went away after a few visits. I appreciate the benefits of chiropractic help.

Jan P.

Dr. Kristin Fellows has been a blessing to my health. She truly has the knowledge, compassion and patience during my appointments. My overall health has greatly improved since starting treatment with her. The staff are also all so kind and greet everyone in a kind, professional and personable manner.

Molli D.

I am so very happy that I discovered Cornerstone! I originally came for what I assume was TMJ. Dr. Natasha adjusted it. It is not painful or debilitating anymore. With that success and the encouragement of Dr Natasha, I now go once a week.

Sandra L.

I have been with Cornerstone Chiropractic and specifically Dr. Kristin for nine years. I walked in the door in excruciating pain and limited mobility. I have a chronic issue but am now relatively pain free and my mobility has greatly improved!

Jan G.
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