How Bad Habits Can Lead to Back Pain

How Bad Habits Can Lead to Back Pain


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A lot of you may have experienced back pain at some point. Some can go away on their own, but some last longer and may keep returning. Back pain, particularly low back pain, is a common complaint among adults. But even children and adolescents can experience them too. In fact, we’ve seen an increase in the number of patients visiting a back pain chiropractor in Eagan looking to resolve their pain and discomfort.

While you might automatically associate your back pain with physical strain or pre-existing health problems, it’s crucial to consider other reasons. Some examples include certain aspects of your daily routine and bad habits. Below we’ll expound on four things that you may not realize are detrimental to your back and might be the culprit behind the pain and discomfort. 

#1. Sleeping position

Settling for the wrong sleeping position contributes to back pain. If unsure how it happens, ask a back pain chiropractor in Eagan. If you’re fond of sleeping on your stomach, you may put excessive pressure on your spine. The unnatural position forces your vertebral bones to compromise their position and affect attached tissues like muscles, joints and ligaments. 

Also, when you sleep on your stomach, your neck may turn to one side for an extended period, causing more pain and discomfort. While you may no longer be aware of your posture during bedtime, studies note that making necessary adjustments can make a big difference in your back pain. 

#2. Carrying heavy bags

Backpacks with hardbound books and handbags that contain mobile phones and bulky vanity kits can put excessive mechanical strain on the shoulders and back. Carrying these bags on one shoulder can worsen the problem and lead to tense and painful muscles. 

If you are guilty of making the same mistake, we strongly suggest cleaning out your purse and removing unnecessary stuff, especially those you don’t use at work or school. When you carry shoulder bags, switch sides every so often to distribute the weight to your shoulders evenly. 

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#3. Too much screen time

Children and teenagers aren’t the only ones who should screen time. Studies note that adults can also suffer back pain from prolonged screen time. Video game enthusiasts, for example, spend a long time sitting in front of their screens engrossed in the game and with no regard for their posture. 

Prolonged sitting is detrimental to your back, and the tendency to slouch or shift your head downwards or upwards adds more stress and pressure to your neck, shoulders, and spine. Next thing you know, you will need to deal with a misalignment of your upper cervical spine.

Desk workers or those who usually work on their computers may need to rearrange their set-up to ensure it’s ergonomically designed to support your neck and back. Stretching breaks in between are suitable for your back muscles and help your blood circulate properly. This can relieve the tension in your neck, shoulders, pelvis, and back.

Those who spend hours scrolling on their phones are at risk too. It’s become a typical pastime to scroll on your phones, whether checking on social media, chatting with friends, or playing a mobile game. But when you look at your phone, you tend to extend your neck downwards, putting more weight on your upper cervical spine, which can lead to back pain. Using a phone stand or maintaining your head in a neutral position might lessen the stress and pressure on your neck and back.

#4. Wearing the wrong shoes

Gone are the days when the function of shoes was only to protect the bottom of the feet. Its function has evolved into both fashion and function. Women who wear high-heeled shoes tend to end up with pain in the back, pelvis, legs, and calves. High heels can shorten and squeeze muscles on the legs’ back, putting irregular tension on the back and pelvis. We’re not discouraging you from wearing heels, but perhaps regulating your use can ease the pain and discomfort you feel.

Flat shoes can also trigger pain. This is because flat shoes and flip-flops offer little to no support on the arch of your heels. In addition, your feet have to work extra hard when you wear flip-flops, too, because you have to keep them glued to your feet all the time, especially when you move. 

We strongly suggest investing in comfortable and fashionable shoes to avoid pain and discomfort. Additionally, we recommend looking into how you walk to find a suitable pair of footwear that can provide ample support when you walk or run.


Seek help from a trusted back pain chiropractor in Eagan

If making changes and improvements to the daily habits we mentioned above still does not work, you might be dealing with a spinal misalignment, better known as your vertebral subluxation. 

The spine consists of the several bones that work together to support the head and protect the spinal cord. Sadly, sometimes the bones shift away from their neutral alignment, compromising the structure and leaving you at risk of problems like chronic back pain. 

Notably, postural imbalances can develop due to poor habits, previous injuries, and poor posture. Thankfully, you can potentially correct these problems with the help of a back pain chiropractor in Eagan like Dr. Fellows.

Call Cornerstone Family Chiropractic at (651) 209-9710 or fill out this online contact form, to confirm if you have spinal misalignments. Dr. Fellows, our back pain chiropractor in Eagan will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine how far your spinal bones have shifted and how many adjustments you might need to retrain your spine.


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