Do You Have Neck Pain? Things to Do (and Not Do)

Do You Have Neck Pain? Things to Do (and Not Do)


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Neck pain can get totally uncomfortable. Many people don’t realize it, but your neck is essential in most of, if not all, the movements you make. There could be several reasons for your neck pain, such as poor posture, incorrect sleeping positions, staring at your smartphone or computer screen for a long time, trauma, etc. However, every neck pain chiropractor in Eagan can help thousands of patients experience relief by fixing a lesser-known yet a common reason for neck pain—spinal misalignment.

If you regularly experience neck pain, you may be engaging in activities counterproductive to your pain relief efforts, and it might hurt you more eventually. Here’s a do’s and don’ts guide for neck pain that you might want to bookmark for future reference. In addition, it won’t hurt to share this with your family and friends who might find this helpful.


To-Do List 

Drink more to be hydrated.

Dehydration is usually linked to various health concerns, including neck pain and stiffness, and is easy to solve. When you don’t let your body get enough water, your neck muscles and connective tissues can feel tight, leading to mild to severe discomfort when moving your head. To stay hydrated, make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water daily. If you have an active lifestyle and engage in sporting activities that make you sweat more than usual, you will need to increase your water intake.

Use a pillow with enough neck support.

A pillow is essential in supporting your neck when you sleep, and using the correct one with enough neck support can help prevent neck pain. Feather pillows or memory foam pillows conform to the shape of your head and neck and can give adequate support for your neck too. You can find specialty stores that provide pillows compatible with different types of sleepers, such as the back, side, and stomach sleepers. If you don’t know which one is recommended for you, you can ask for a recommendation from your go-to neck pain chiropractor in Eagan.

Try acupuncture therapy.

For thousands of years, acupuncture has provided relief from pain, including neck pain. This natural procedure uses thin needles placed in the skin at specific points on the body, depending on what needs the treatment. The main goal of this procedure is to restore the flow of energy in your body. If you’re considering a more natural approach, maybe acupuncture can work.

Maintain a healthy posture.

Your neck pain may be caused by poor posture, which strains your muscles and ligaments supporting the neck. Poor posture can result in unwanted injury over time. Neck pain can stem when the neck slants forward, placing your head in front of your shoulders. Sometimes your neck compensates for your poor posture whenever you stand, walk, and do any movements. However, some spinal problems lead to poor posture as well. Consult with a neck pain chiropractor in Eagan to know if you have a spinal issue contributing to your neck pain, or perhaps you need to retrain yourself to be more conscious of your posture. Either way, it helps to know what you can do to avoid neck pain moving forward.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and chronic neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

NOT-To-Do List

Sleep on your stomach.

Not many people give much thought to your body positions when sleeping. This poor habit unknowingly triggers a stiff, sore neck and can even lead to different pain all over the body, including your back. Some may find it difficult to sleep in a comfortable position and sleep with their chests and stomachs laid flat on the bed. Sleeping on your stomach tends to twist your neck on one side for several hours. When you do this, your neck muscles get strained and usually will feel sore and stiff the next day. This position also strains your back, especially when you sleep without enough support.

Use computers and phones for long hours.

Prolonged use of your gadgets strains your eyes and your neck as well. Especially for mobile phones, you tend to look down too much, making your neck bend forward more than usual. If your daily routine requires using computers and desktops for long hours, make sure your laptop screen or desktop monitors are positioned on the same level as your eyes or vantage point. You must also check your sitting position, ensuring you are neither too close nor too far from your desk to avoid overextending the neck or leaning towards the screen. A gadget stand may help take you away from looking down so much when using your phone or tablet. By following these simple steps, you can minimize the mechanical stress endured by your neck when you look at your screen.

Stay sedentary for your entire work shift.

Whether working from home or in the office, office workers are usually glued to their desks for approximately eight hours a day. This can put a strain on your neck and back. We recommend allocating a few minutes between your work schedule to do some brisk walking or stretching your limbs. When you don’t move so much and become sedentary, your muscles tend to be stiff. To counter the stiffness, engage in short exercises that help your body release natural defense against pain and inflammation.


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The tips we shared can help, mainly if superficial stress influences your pain. However, if you’re one of those who experience chronic neck pain, identifying the root cause will help you find more long-term relief.

Usually, neck pain stems from a misalignment in the spine influenced by trauma or injury or persistent stress endured for a long time. Please don’t wait any longer. Instead, talk to us. Over the years, Cornerstone Family Chiropractic has been the go-to neck pain chiropractor in Eagan. We also deal with other health conditions related to the misalignment in your spine.

We recommend correcting the misalignment by using only precise and gentle methods. Your neck pain will be gone with less chance of recurrence in no time. You may call us directly at (651) 209-9710 or use our contact form to book your consultation.

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