Back Pain in Women: Understanding the Risk Factors

Back Pain in Women: Understanding the Risk Factors

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Thousands of people, mostly women, visit a chiropractor for low back pain in Apple Valley. This is mainly because back pain is too common and can indicate various health concerns ranging from simple muscle strain to a compromised spinal structure.

It’s worth noting that while it affects multiple individuals, back pain seems more prevalent in women than men. This is why many women visit our practice for help. Find out why this happens with our list of back pain risk factors in women.


Why Women Suffer Worse Back Pain Than Men

Several case studies have shown that back pain tends to be worse in women than in men. Notably, this happens because of several risk factors. It would help to learn about these and determine which ones you can and can’t control to know how to work around your situation. 

Modifiable Back Pain Risk Factors


According to research, women are more prone to become obese compared to men. Unfortunately, this increases women’s risks for various health concerns, including chronic back pain. The additional mechanical burden on the body often affects the spinal column, leading to stiff muscles, inflamed joints, and compressed tissues like the brainstem and sciatic nerve.  

Choice of bags and shoes

Unknown to many women, their choice of trusty satchels and footwear is hurting their necks, shoulders, and backs. Studies explain that these accessories can influence a person’s posture, especially when worn for a long time. Here’s a quick list of items that you should or shouldn’t use to keep your spine in good shape: 

  • Bags to avoid: Oversized bags, heavy backpacks, bags with thin straps, unstructured bags
  • Bags that are good for your back: Cross-body bags, bags with thick and well-structured straps, compact-size bag models, bags made from lightweight but durable materials
  • Types of footwear to avoid: Flat loafers, ballerina-type shoes, flipflops, casual sneakers
  • Types of footwear that can help relieve the pain: Rocker-bottom soles, sandals with arch support, mid-height heels, sneakers with cushioning material

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Level of physical activity

According to a 2018 study, women tend to be less physically active than men. The researchers point out several things that lead to this gender disparity in physical fitness, including: 

  • Narrow gender norms that affect the perception of boys and girls about physical fitness
  • Body image insecurities that prevent one from achieving improved health and wellness
  • Lack of access to safe and welcoming fitness and training facilities
  • Busy work and personal schedule
  • Presence of diseases or disorders that prevent one from staying active (osteoporosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, etc.)

Previously sustained injuries

Many of the patients who come to our chiropractor for low back pain in Apple Valley have a history of neck, head, and back injuries. Unknown to these individuals, their posture has been compromised because their vertebral bones have shifted by a small fraction. Notably, even the slightest change can cause significant pain that can linger for days or weeks.


Non-modifiable Back Pain Risk Factors in Women

An achy back can be a cause for concern, especially for women with many things on their plates. To make things worse for them, several back pain risk factors are harder to manage or control. A few notable examples include:


Some pregnant women seek a chiropractor for low back pain in Apple Valley for relief. That’s because they notice significant changes in their body posture and gait. The growing child in their bellies often affects the body’s center of gravity, causing mechanical strain on the spine and the attached tissues. Thankfully, careful and precise chiropractic adjustments on the neck can potentially relieve the pain and discomfort.

chiropractor for low back pain in Apple Valley

Inherited condition

Various hereditary conditions can lead to mild to severe back pain. Some examples include ankylosing spondylitis and symptomatic lumbar disc disease. It’s vital to get yourself checked if you suspect inheriting a back-causing condition. This way, you can manage your risks and avoid further complications. It will also help you improve your self-care plan and seek potentially effective remedies. 

Posture problems due to bone density loss

Women typically lose up to 20 percent of their bone density during menopause. Sadly, this often makes them highly susceptible to posture problems like hyperkyphosis (forward-leaning posture). It can also aggravate degenerative disc diseases like disc herniation and osteoarthritis. To avoid or delay this health problem, we suggest doing the following helpful tips: 

  • Consume food products rich in calcium and vitamin D
  • Engage in weight-bearing exercises to strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Avoid physical activities that cause you to twist your upper or lower body
  • Ensure you have a slip and fall-proof home to avoid accidents and other types of injuries


While aging is a natural process, it can sometimes have unpleasant consequences, such as frequent or intense back pain. This is primarily because of worn-down intervertebral discs and connective tissues. The likelihood of getting into an accident or suffering from debilitating injuries also significantly spikes as you reach later stages. 

Mental health problems

Stress, depression, and anxiety can affect your physical health, especially your muscle fibers and joints. Sometimes, mental health problems can worsen back pain because they prevent you from making healthier life choices and heighten your sensitivity to pain and pressure.


Trust a Certified Chiropractor For Low Back Pain In Apple Valley

As a woman, it can be nightmarish to have chronic back pain. So it would help to take the necessary precautions to avoid aggravating your underlying health issue or increasing your risk of having worse backaches. We hope you carefully consider the key points we have discussed above, so you know how to move forward and work around your health problem. 

Additionally, we strongly recommend working closely with a chiropractor for low back pain in Apple Valley. Our team will help you assess and correct spinal misalignments so you can lead a life with lesser back pain. Find out how far your spinal bones have shifted so you can begin with your customized care plan today! You can book your appointment with Cornerstone Family Chiropractic today! We also suggest contacting us at (651) 209-9710.


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