Apple Valley Chiropractor Explains Neck Pain and Nausea Connection

Apple Valley Chiropractor Explains Neck Pain and Nausea Connection

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Have you tried waking up with severe neck pain accompanied by nausea? You’re not alone! Plenty of patients seeking our Apple Valley chiropractor have reported a similar experience. As it turns out, several health conditions account for this terrible duo. Some are neurological in nature, while others stem from vestibular dysfunction. Learn more about them as you read on.


Neck Pain and Nausea: Why They Frequently Come Hand in Hand

Neck pain and nausea are perhaps two of the most commonly reported symptoms of patients seeking help from an Apple Valley chiropractor or doctor. They can indicate various health mishaps, ranging from lingering discomfort from a traumatic neck injury to the effects of drastic body changes like pregnancy. Here’s a closer look at them:

Vestibular problems

Several case studies list neck pain and nausea as accompanying symptoms of vestibular problems like Meniere’s disease and BPPV. While it’s unclear why these occur hand in hand, it’s a good idea to get diagnosed for these health concerns so you can find suitable remedies. 

Neurological diseases or disorders

Besides problems in the organs in charge of maintaining balance, studies found that an achy neck and nauseous sensations can come from neurological issues. One example is migraine attacks, a health problem affecting billions worldwide. According to estimates, up to 87 percent and 90 percent of migraineurs experience neck pain and nausea, respectively. They commonly occur during and after a migraine episode, but some note that they experience them right before their headaches begin. 


Expecting moms are no strangers to neck pain and nausea, especially during the first few months of their term. Rapid changes in the body during pregnancy can sometimes throw off the production of hormones that affect pain perception. The human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, released in the initial stages of pregnancy, can also cause queasiness or stomach sensitivity.

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Preventive Measures You Can Do To Address Both Nausea and Neck Pain

While nausea and neck pain can be quite prevalent, you have a plethora of ways to manage or avoid them altogether. These include the following:

Minding your posture

Your neck’s overall structure depends a lot on your posture. Hence, evaluating how you sit, stand, or walk is a must to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your spine and the adjacent tissues. It would also help if you looked into addressing posture problems that develop shortly after an accident, like a concussion or whiplash. 

Notably, even “minor” injuries can compromise the spine. The misaligned vertebral bones can tug on the attached muscles, joints, and nerves, leaving you at risk of nerve compression and stiff muscles. It can also hinder your nervous system from sending neurotransmitters that help your body heal from severe injuries. 

Keeping your body in good condition

The more you pay attention to your overall health and wellness, the better your chances of avoiding recurring issues like nausea and neck pain. You might find it helpful to practice simple lifestyle tips such as incorporating regular physical activity into your routine, eating healthy, and staying hydrated. We also strongly suggest overcoming poor habits like smoking or drinking excessive alcoholic beverages. 

Using helpful nausea and neck pain remedies

Because neck pain and nausea can occur without warning, it would help to know helpful and scientifically-proven remedies. These include the following:  


Several essential oils work wonders in relieving muscle spasms and calming the gut. According to studies, lavender, ginger, cardamom, and fennel oil can help combat vomiting and nausea. On the other hand, you might find it helpful to dab a few drops of peppermint, bergamot, or eucalyptus oil combined with carrier oil on the tender parts of your neck to alleviate the pain. 

Cool compress

Some patients who experience nausea and neck pain use an ice pack or cold compress to cope. The soothing and relaxing effect of the cold temperature can help curb the symptoms.

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Studies claim that acupressure also provides significant nausea and neck pain relief. Essentially, the technique works by activating pressure points in the body to improve energy flow. 

If you feel the urge to vomit, you can try pressing on the Neiguan or Pericardium-6, an acupressure point located just below the wrist. To find this point, place three fingers horizontally just below your wrist. On the one hand, if you frequently experience neck pain, you can try pressing on the Zhong Zu point, the area found just between your ring and pinky finger. 

Specific Chiropractic 

Chiropractic adjustments on misaligned vertebral bones are essential to helping overcome vestibular and neurological problems. Specific chiropractic doctors assess spinal bone changes that may have compromised your neck and other body parts. A detailed assessment of your spinal column will help reveal the exact location of the vertebral subluxation and provide our Apple Valley chiropractor with the necessary details to provide a customized care plan.


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Constant bouts of neck pain and nausea can certainly rain on your parade. So, we hope you can manage them better with the help of the tips we provided above. In case you need additional help, we encourage you to visit our practice, Cornerstone Family Chiropractic. It’s the best place to be for anyone worrying about spinal misalignment and its associated health problems like nausea and neck pain. 

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