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Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Eagan Patients Say

At Cornerstone Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Alison’s Story

Seth’s Story

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Menstrual Migraines

“I love Cornerstone Family Chiropractic! I’ve suffered from menstrual migraines for over a decade, and get one every month without fail. After being treated by Dr. John for a few weeks, I had my first migraine-free cycle since they first started. Dr. John does an amazing job – he makes sure I understand everything about my treatment plan and that I’m comfortable with every aspect. I feel empowered, informed, and in control of my health. Dr. John is deliberate with every adjustment – everything is custom to my body. In addition to the amazing chiropractic care, he’s caring, friendly, and personable.

The office is impeccably clean. The front desk staff is very friendly and helpful. They offer healthy snacks, a Keurig, and water. They have three massage chairs and a play area for children. It’s a warm, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere.”

– Cortney

TamiSevere Headaches and Back Pain

“I came to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic because I had severe headaches, back pain and was unable to sleep at night. Since starting with Cornerstone, my headaches are much better. I’m standing straight and have much more energy. I’m happier! Less pain makes everything so much better. Sleep is so important.

Cornerstone has an absolutely wonderful caring staff. It was easy for me to schedule with work days because of their hours. Dr. Megan is amazing! ”

– Tami


Dennis“I had a case of hiccups lasting over 4 days! It was a Thursday evening when the hiccups started. I was traveling and it was going to be a few days before I could get home. My wife looked on the internet to see if a chiropractor could help relieve the hiccups. She found out that there had been cases of hiccups being helped through chiropractic. I decided to wait to see Dr. Kristin until after I got home even though I was very uncomfortable. I had a bout of hiccups several years prior that were not relieve when I visited an emergency room.

When I saw Dr. Kristin on Monday my hiccups stopped after her adjustment to my neck. At the end of the appointment she told me to call back if they started again. The hiccups did come back and my wife was about to call when the phone rang and it was Dr. Kristin asking how I was doing. I told her that the hiccups had come back. At this point she gave me a choice to return to her office that night or wait until the next morning. So about 9:30pm I went back into the office for a second treatment and then she prayed over me. That was the last treatement needed to stop the hiccups.”

– Dennis

Weekly Headaches

Tara” I was having terrible headaches about once a week. They were so bad that they made me sick and all I wanted to do was sleep. As a special education teacher, it was really hard to focus on paperwork and teaching when my neck, shoulders and head were in constant pain. Since going to Dr. Megan, my headaches have started to disappear! I maybe get one a month and it’s not nearly as painful.

I feel so much better and I am overall leading a healthier lifestyle which started from my decision to start going to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic. It has helped with my career as a teacher. I feel more awake, focused and ready to teach when I’m not in pain!”

– Tara

KathyLow Back Spasms

” I was having low back spasms every 2 months and my quality of life was not good. Since receiving care at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic there have been no back spasms and my quality of life has improved considerably. Dr. Kristin’s approach using the Gonstead method of chiropractic is the best for me.”

– Kathy

Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Dana“I was having a HARD time breathing due to vocal cord dysfunction. It was so bad that walking up a flight of stairs would leave me unable to continue moving. It was constant and horrible. Since I’ve started at Cornerstone I’ve been able to run again! I can play my sports and breathe with much less effort. It has been the only thing that has helped. I’ve also been healthier overall. My allergies have gotten much better and I haven’t gotten sick.

Wonderful people here at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic! So kind and welcoming! It has made me want to study chiropractic – seeing what they do here is amazing!”

– Dana

Pain Free!

Chuck“I contacted Cornerstone Family Chiropractic after enduring several weeks of severe lower back pain. I was taking high doses of pain relievers and simply could not relieve the pain long enough to get a good night of sleep. Upon examining my x-rays and spine, Dr. Megan pinpointed the problem. In a nutshell, my desk/computer job of 25 years was destroying my back. Because I sat for long periods, my lower vertebrae were collapsing, pinching the discs and nerves between each vertebra. I also developed a small hump between my shoulder blades from hunching over my desk while sitting at work.

Dr. Megan’s treatment plan for me included lower and upper back adjustments as well as some homework. She introduced me to Foundation Training – online videos that help strengthen the spine – and recommended I do the 12-minute video at least three times a week. And, she suggested that I get out of my desk chair once an hour to stand and stretch.

The results of my chiropractic care have been dramatic. In my time receiving treatments, I’ve only had pain flare up twice (caused by a certain weight lifting movement which I no longer perform). What’s so refreshing about my experience is that Dr. Megan cares about her patients and their total health! I will continue my homework assignments and get adjustments at Cornerstone to maintain the health of my back and remain pain free.”

– Chuck

Herniated Disc Relief

Brett“I came to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic because I had lower back pain due to a herniated disc. I lived with a lot of pain and nerve issues in my lower back and leg that made daily life a struggle.

After starting care I noticed relief in my nerve pain within 3-4 weeks. Dr. Megan does a great job of promoting overall health and well-being that has led to a lot of improvement in my life including better posture, better diet and core strengthening exercises. Dr. Megan is a truly positive inspiration for well-being. She does a great job of keeping my back aligned and promoting life changes for greater overall health.”

– Brett

Rapid Heart Rate Help

Tom and Donita“My husband Tom and I have been at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic for about a year. We have been very blessed to have met Dr. Kristin. Tom has had a periodic rapid heartbeat for several years. Dr. Kristin was able to even out the beat by adjusting his upper neck. She has also been able to help him with some serious foot issues.

As for myself, I was unable to sleep on my right side for well over a year. Dr. Kristin discovered that my pelvis was displaced causing my hip to ache. With help, I have now had no problems sleeping on my side. I also suffered from migraine headaches. They have now lessened by about 90%.

Tom was a total non-believer in chiropractic care before meeting Dr. Kristin and seeing his results. We both have more energy, and we are sleeping better. Tom says that he now has “Happy Feet.” We now recommend Cornerstone Chiropractic, and Dr. Kristin and Dr. Megan to all of our friends.”

– Tom and Donita

Neck Pain Relief

Sandra“Like many others, I to was skeptical of chiropractic procedures. However, after suffering for more than 25 years with neck and upper back pain it came to a point that my husband said, “You needed to do something about it.” Is it obvious he doesn´t like giving massages daily! I found Dr. Kristin and her Gonstead method when we were out buying a sleep number bed. She was giving short massages and information about her business at the mall. My husband said, “stop and get a massage, so I don´t have to do it later.” I met my angel of mercy that day. I made an appointment on the spot, had my evaluation, and started adjustments within 8 days.

I have been advertising Dr. Kristin and the Gonstead method ever since that day at the mall. Every person I know or come into contact with who might benefit from them, I start telling all about Dr. Kristin’s potential to help them, and all the help and wellbeing I have received. I have been relieved of pain, serious constipation, lack of energy and feel I have my life back. Even my moods have improved.

Beyond all of the above, Dr. Kristin is, in her field, the most informed I have ever come across. Her explanations are clear, helpful, and right on target. I have gleamed so much additional health information from Dr. Kristin that has improved my health and life style they are too numerous to name. By the way, did I tell you what a fabulous bedside manner she has and a superior sense of family. Oh Ya, my husband is having treatments now!!”

– Sandra

Migraines and Neck Pain Relief

Lisa“I came to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic because of neck pain and migraines. The migraines were severe at times and were very annoying and frustrating.

After starting care with Dr. Megan I noticed improvement almost immediately – within a couple weeks. I had more energy and fewer headaches. Dr. Megan is inspirational and has a way of motivating her patients to want to be healthy and make the changes necessary to achieve that goal.”

– Lisa

Anxiety Alleviation

Stephanie“I suffered from severe anxiety attacks, neck pain, headaches, vision problems, and tingling on the right of my body. After months of doctor’s visits nothing helped and I felt so hopeless! Then I read about Dr. Kristin and the Gonstead treatment on the internet and decided it was worth a try. I had always been very skeptical about chiropractors, but as soon as I met and was evaluated by Dr. Kristin I knew that I was in the right place.

Within weeks my anxiety attacks were gone! After a few months I was feeling better than I had in almost a year! I’m so thankful that I found Dr. Kristin! She truly cares about you and is wonderful at what she does! Thank you for helping me. I feel so blessed to be your patient!”

– Stephanie

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